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km to connect Lyon to Tokyo

Months of crossings and pedaling



Countries crossed

Welcome !

We are sharing here our crazy epic journey joining Lyon to Tokyo by bike.

Gastronomy will be in the spotlight since in addition to discovering different cultures and culinary specialties, we will be ambassadors of a recipe elaborated by a French chef to be given to a Japanese chef.


We hope to make you travel through the stories of our adventure.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or suggestions.

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Camille and Romain

Approximately 16 000 kms of bicycle, and 8 months of journey are in the program and all that in total autonomy with loaded bikes weighing 40 kg.

The main theme of our trip is to discover the different cultures and their culinary specialties. We wish to meet the locals, in total immersion, to discover the different ways of life.

What better way for food fans with sensitive taste buds than to leave from Lyon: This city is known for all its specialties and its abundance of chefs. And what could be better than arriving in Tokyo: This city known for its refined and technically impeccable dishes. We will leave from France as a messenger of a chef from Lyon with the aim of giving a special recipe to a Japanese chef.

The itinerary

The choice of the itinerary has evolved several times due to the geopolitical context, we have been forced to review our route.

We will start by crossing Europe through Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria, to finally enter the Asian continent with Turkey as our first country.

Then we plan to go through Georgia and Azerbaijan. After crossing the Caspian Sea by boat, we will move towards Central Asia through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan to arrive in China.
After a long crossing of China (some 4 000 kms and a few pedal strokes), we will pass through South Korea, to finally reach our final destination, Japan.

The sanitary and geopolitical situation being in constant evolution, we will adapt our itinerary as the trip goes on.

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