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The great departure: The culinary escape

9.15 am - On the road to adventure

After a short night and a quick breakfast, we set off from Genas towards the Rustique restaurant to start our adventure. The excitement and haste are palpable: after months of preparation, we are finally there!

We get on our bikes, weighing 42 and 48 kg respectively, to join Maxime and Hélène, the starred chef of the Rustique restaurant, the sponsors of this adventure.

10am - Arrival at the Rustique restaurant, our departure point

Maxime and Hélène, friendly and welcoming, welcome us and our loved ones to share a last moment of conviviality over a coffee.

11:30 am - Departure

We are not leaving for Japan empty-handed, our mission is to hand-deliver the recipe for Maxime Laurenson's famous melilot madeleine to Chef Sasaki, a starred chef in Osaka. Hélène finishes sealing the envelope with the recipe. Everything is ready!

We are not leaving alone for this first stage from Lyon to Morestel: our family and friends are with us to support us in these first pedal strokes. So we set off with a group of about fifteen people.

We set off on the via rhôna in wet weather and on muddy paths. Fortunately we have all the equipment to stay dry (rain trousers, goretex jackets, rain boots).

This first stage from Lyon to Morestel gives us confidence for the rest of the adventure: we are fully recharged, our legs and desire are there!

To be continued ....



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