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The breakaway

Maxime et Helene Bar couleur.jpg

It is with a deep desire to return to our roots that we begin this adventure.

Some might call it a generational virus, others might see it more as a desire to live in the moment, to rediscover the sensitivity lost in this society of "more and more, faster and faster".

During this journey, we will refocus on our primary needs, far from the superfluous. Our only fuel to move forward will be food, our only direction will be East.
Always with the idea of awakening our senses, we want to put gastronomy in the spotlight during these 16,000 kms. We want to discover the typical dishes of each country, the culinary specialities of each region and the habits and customs of each. And of course, we want to share our adventure and these culinary discoveries with the people who follow our journey.

The idea of this culinary escape took all its meaning during a carpooling in October 2022:
Meeting Maxime Laurenson, chef of the gastronomic restaurant "Rustique" in Lyon, and his wife Hélène was a revelation.
Our common values, which are the love of good food, the pleasure of taste and the curiosity of flavours, allowed us to establish a relationship around our trip.

So, in agreement with Maxime and Helene, we will be the messengers from the end of the world of one of their recipes and its essential ingredient: like carrier pigeons or the Athens Marathon runner, our mission will consist in handing over the recipe and the ingredient to the chef Sasaki, chef in Osaka of the gastronomic restaurant "Presqu'ile". The name was chosen in a nod to Lyon, a city he is particularly fond of.

It is an honour for us to be messengers for Maxime Laurenson, who highlights French gastronomy with local, seasonal, tasty and authentic dishes.

We are looking forward to this sporting and tasting adventure!

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