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Lyon - Montluçon: a first successful test

It's been several months since the project was born in our heads, the bikes are finally ready, we are starting our first "baby journey" with the bicycles: from Lyon to Montluçon on a long weekend.

Between enthusiasm and learning about this new way of riding, we start to ride on the roads towards the Allier.

We enjoy to ride along these quiet and hilly roads. After a beautiful endless climb in the forest, we reach the Saint-Nicolas-des-Biefs pass. There we find a beautiful spot for cross-country skiing with a dominant view on the Loire department. Then we discover Vichy, a beautiful dynamic city where life is pleasant. We take the opportunity to have a refreshing break and stroll along the river Allier.

We ended our second day with a well-deserved pizza in a bucolic village, Chantelle. This village overlooking the gorges of the Bouble, has an impressive charming abbey.

As a conclusion to these first 3 days :

  • The bikes are great!

  • The tent is comfortable and practical. We can't wait to spend nights in the desertic plains of Kazakhstan.

  • We must still refine some details: like finding the road easily, finding the spots of bivouac without losing 2 hours (Romain is demanding and we can spend a lot of time to find THE dream spot).

We also realize that contact is easy, meetings are natural and people are always curious and friendly towards us. We are looking forward to the next adventures!

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